We are a boutique post-production house going beyond the technical & artistic aspects of each project and offering custom creative approaches, advice and a welcoming environment.

We work with our clients from Pre-Production to avoid or correct issues before they arise. We go after excellence and long-term relationships. We don't like the "factory" approach, and we care about each and every one of our projects like if it was our own...

Feature Films

TV Series





OUR Workflow

We believe that Post-production starts in Pre-production, and we refuse to think one workflow fits it all. We like to re-evaluate our way of work with every project to be able to squeeze the last bit of time and quality in each challenge. 


Our Color Grading is not just supervised vs unsupervised. We get involved early and work with the director and cinematographer to find the soul of the project. We love having the DP around during sessions, and we use one of the most powerful tools in the market: The SGO Mistika system.


We like to centralize Post under one roof, and we find great advantages on bundling Color and VFX together. We work with local and international teams to find the best fit for the quality, budget, and schedule of our clients.


We loooove Stereo! Nicely shot 3D is truly amazing to watch, and we love to be able to help to make the best out of it! Doesn't matter if you are doing a small medical video or a massive blockbuster, we are here to help with the best tools in the market.


From our founder:

  • 3 x SGO Mistika 4K+ DI Systems

  • 2 x Resolve Studio

  • Full HDR (Sony BVM X300/2)       and 3D options, including        meta-data generation

  • LightSpace Color Management and Colorimetry Research Color Probes

  • OLED and LCD Professional      Calibrated Color reference monitors​​​

  • 10Gbe network facility-wide

  • 512 TB of uncompressed 3D-4K capable storage

  • Top-Tier security including Access Control, 24/7 security, 90-day camera recording, separated network for production equipment, hardware firewall, etc... 


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